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How to Locate Dependable Chinese Wholesalers

Since many entrepreneurs have discovered opportunities for making profits by buying merchandise at a low price and remerchandising them for more money, interest has heightened in finding trustworthy Chinese wholesalers for these cheap resellable items. The internet has made it so much easier to make contact with people globally — even easier than it already was. That this has come to fruition is completely due to the influence of the internet.

Globalization has reached such a peak that many entrepreneurs are trying to form partnerships with international manufacturers in an effort to pinpoint a way to glean profits from inexpensive wholesale merchandise, including that from the Chinese market — but is it workable?

Locating a Trustworthy Wholesale Distributor in China

“Buy low, sell high” is the axiom on which most businesses base their path to success. It is not automatically true, contrary to what many people think, that finding a wholesaler or drop shipper in locations like China is the proper way to increase their profits; this includes work-from-home and online businesses as well. In actuality, there are many local wholesale sources that are equally affordable for the items you are hoping to find a hot market for in your own area.

Here’s some advice on finding good wholesale vendors for your enterprise and on some of the circumstances you may encounter when doing business in China.

You can find lists of wholesale suppliers on the internet if you search on business directories. If you’re looking strictly for dollars wholesale items, you can refine your search just for those kinds of listings. When you locate some good possibilities, research the companies on the web but check out more than just the company’s own website. You should always seek out impartial endorsements so that you don’t end up being exploited.

It is reasonable that a wholesaler’s website will expect you to sign up with it previous to placing an order; don’t be alarmed if you’re required to do this. The wholesaler needs to know you are an honest businessman as much as you need to know the wholesale company is honest. To avoid being left with no merchandise after paying a wholesaler, the most important piece of advice is to use a secure payment site such as Paypal, especially when looking for a reliable Chinese wholesaler.

Many enterprises, as a service for dollar wholesale, will drop ship your merchandise for you. In other words, they will send the merchandise to your customers directly, and you just pay the supplier the wholesale price.

Naturally, it’s up to you whether you want to buy from international or domestic wholesalers, and also whether or not you prefer the drop ship method. The bottom line is do whichever works for you; either of these methods of wholesale business are good revenue generators.

How to Source Disney Wholesale Distributors

It is a common fact that Walt Disney’s brand is perhaps one of the most well known brands in the world. Disney’s creations and characters have successfully retained their magic and place in people’s hearts, unlike any competition. Truly, the brand’s magic has touched many, many lives, and this fact attracts enormous amounts of businesses.  Initially, business dealing with Disney products may look to be easy, but unless you are familiar with the correct vendors and locales to contact, it can be quite difficult considering the Disney Company retains immense control over their product lines, brands, and characters. Disney characters and products are strictly protected under copyright laws, making it illegal to reproduce either without the company’s approval. However, despite this fact, there still are quite a number of fake Disney products available on the market, and frequently they are rather poor in quality. If you are interesting in using the Disney brand within your business, consider looking into sourcing Disney wholesale distributors that are licensed to produce Disney products for retail.

Licensed Disney wholesale distributors can give your business the opportunity to acquire high quality Disney products. An excellent wholesale distributor will carry a large variety of items from well established brand name companies at the lowest available prices. Additionally, a Disney wholesale distributor typically provides excellent customer support. If for any reason you are unable to find a product that is listed with their company, you can contact them directly and the supplier will either place an order for that product or notify you when the particular product becomes next available. Wholesale distributors are usually more than accommodating and willing to help in anyway they can/

Additionally, consider looking for a Disney wholesale distributor that offers drop shipping service, especially if you are interested in having direct shipment to your customers without requiring any additional effort on your part.

Drop shipping from a Disney wholesale distributor is actually an excellent service to take advantage of for your business. It is a common service many business consider at some point, but as a result of scams, most businesses are rather skeptical of initiating such an arrangement. If you have considering using drop shipping, but find yourself hesitant, do yourself and your business a favor, call your locale agent to discuss their operations and see for yourself whether or not they are legitimate.

If your business retails Disney wholesale products, you know that despite any discounts, these products are often rather expensive. Therefore, drop shipping is an excellent way to reduce costs and help aspiring entrepreneurs get their business started, regardless of their budget.  A retailer simply markets their Disney products through their online stores, regardless if it is through a large website such as Ebay or a standalone. After an item has been sold to the client, the business owner then directly orders from the wholesale supplier and pays the wholesale cost of the Disney product.

Furthermore, the drop shipping services affords the entrepreneur a serious advantage in that it saves them the difficulties often associated with inventory management. The drop ship Disney wholesale distributor takes care of the inventory concerns and handles the shipping directly to your customer. This business arrangement is highly effective and successful for any individual wishing to start a business retailing Disney products.

Finding great Disney Wholesale Products to help your Business

It is common knowledge among entrepreneurs that moving brand name products will earn you a greater profit than only selling generic, or non-branded, items. This is mainly due to the type of searching people do, they will typically look for the brand name of an item rather than the product itself. The fantastic news is that there are licensed wholesale products that can be purchased by you so that you can also benefit from these name brand searches.

Disney wholesale products have a proven history of sales, are consistent throughout the year and can net you large profits due to the sales markup they carry. This consistent positive performance can be contributed to the natural soft spot parents have for their children, most parents will do without themselves but will still spend money on their children, especially for school, holidays and birthdays. Disney also has a loyal customer base and offering Disney wholesale products will encourage customers to visit your business in and of themselves.

The challenge is creating a relationshiop with a high quality wholesale source that can supply your business with an appealing range of Disney wholesale products. May people erroneously believe that by using Chinese or other overseas suppliers for their Disney wholesale products that they will net higher returns due to the greatly reduced prices of the merchandise. The flaw in this theory is that those overseas, cheap products are often not licensed by Disney and to sell them would violate the Disney trademark, opening up your business for a lawsuit.

To further complicate matter, many of these imported Disney wholesale products are cheaply made, they are inferior quality and will leave your customers disappointed.

However, it’s worth noting that buying quality, official licensed Disney wholesale products does not have to be prohibitively expensive. By utilizing overstocks, liquidations, and closeouts it’s possible to purchase licensed Disney wholesale products below their original cost.

In addition to the increased quality, and copyright issues being safely met, there is the added bonus a domestic wholesale source may offer of a drop ship service that will deliver the goods directly to your customer. This practice will save you storage space as well as packing labor and time spent making trips to the post office.

Another benefit of buying Disney wholesale items through liquidations, closeouts and overstocks is that they are the same high quality as regular Disney items, they are not damaged or second quality and can be still be sold at high markups. The only difference between dealing with a wholesale supplier who specializes in liquidations, overstocks, and closeouts and another supplier is that you will pay a lot less money for the merchandise.

You can begin your search for such a wholesale supplier by sourcing a supplier that works with Disney wholesale products. Find out whether the wholesale supplier offers drop shipping, make your selections of products to sell, then start enjoying the profits from your business.