Where Do Costco Returns Go?

Many people who are in the business of purchasing product to resell, have often wondered where Costco returns end up. Why is this a common query in the wholesale sourcing environment, and why does this question have any bearing on your business? We will first need to determine what Costco returns are, and why individuals are so eager to get their hands on them. Items returned to Costco stores by customers are Costco returns. Customers return these items for a variety of reasons including that they are not doing the task that they were needed for, they were gifts that were not wanted, or maybe they were broken.

Wholesale liquidators have an agreement with Costco to purchase in bulk, these products that have been returned, and the liquidator in turn will sell them to clients of their own. You can expect to pay the wholesale liquidator anywhere from ten to forty percent of the item’s original price, depending what the wholesale liquidator had to pay for the item.

You can then take these products that you have just saved a great deal of money on, and sell them in the arena of your choice. Different procedures are appropriate for selling different products.  There will be those items that sell well using several different methods, so you may increase your exposure by utilizing all of the methods.

You may choose to sell your returns, closeouts, and overstocks at your online store, on eBay, on Craigslist, in catalogs delivered to your neighborhood, at flea markets, at yard sales, or possible at retail store location.

Along with your own experience and understanding of the product, some helpful advice for deciding where to sell your products are: Big ticket items like plasma TVs and other electronics do well on eBay and craigslist.

Flea markets and the internet are great places to market your clothing and accessory wholesale products.

For household products and food items obtained through Costco returns, your best market will be individuals who are searching for inexpensive bulk purchases, so flea markets and local stalls are a great place for selling these products.

For individuals seeking to profit through a retail endeavor, purchasing Costco returns has allowed them to realize excellent financial gains. It is unnecessary to worry about failure to sell items, as you have the advantage of having sourced them at under wholesale cost, and will sell them with little effort. It will be your choice whether you want to go with large quantities and dirt cheap prices, or just concentrate on higher margins of profit, but whichever you select, locating a supplier of Costco returns will be an excellent way to get your business off the ground.

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